Meal Preparation

We cook a healthy food within your choice

We make sure you eat healthier save money by preparing a whole meals ahead of time and reduce your stress by thinking of what you need to cook.


Medication Reminders

Never miss taking a pill

We look over the medication box to see if it is filled with the correct medication and dosage. We complied experienced caregivers suggestions of products and services that can let your love one know to take their meds and help track their doses.


Companionship & Socialization

Providing quality time you need in life

Accompanying on fun outings such as trips to the movies. Playing games, which stimulate mental awareness such as board games, cards and piecing puzzles. Organizing social visits with friends and neighbors. Documenting experiences in scrap books and writing.


Exercise Assistance

Speeding up your recovery from trauma and injury

We limit the impact of mental decline through exercise. Regular physical activity can also help one manage stress, and studies show that exercise helps to reduce the severity of depression.


Light Housekeeping and Laundry

Maintaining a safe and clean home

We provide light housekeeping and laundry services for our clients. To have a positive impact of a cheerful, clean, and organized environment upon mood and attitude is well-documented. And dealing with health challenges deserve a home atmosphere supportive of emotional and physical needs